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SurfSonic Single Leg Appliance

SurfSonic Single Leg Appliance

Delivers Static Public IP from any connection, anywhere

With the BBC blocking most VPN connections & 4G operators unwilling to provide fixed IP SIM cards, the SurfSonic Single Leg Appliance provides the ideal solution.

Simply connect any Internet Source, 4G Router, WiFi Client, or DSL connection and SurfSonic will connect you via our Bonding service using a static public IP in the country of your choice. This public IP can be shared between multiple devices using a standard WiFi Router.

Common applications include

  • Accessing Video on Demand / Catch up services like iPlayer & SkyGo via a UK Public IP Address
  • Remote Monitoring of Security systems & CCTV Cameras.
  • Secure, Encrypted connections while working abroad.

With the limited functionality compared with multiple leg SurfSonic deployments, the appliance is available at a reduced cost compared to normal.

Current Fixed IP SIMS cost around £128 per month for 32GB Data Limit on a 24 month contract, so SurfSonic provide a cost effective alternative.

SurfSonic Single Leg  Fixed IP SIM Account
Hardware Cost £299 £0
32GB Data SIM (Monthly) £28 / 12 Month Contract £130 / 24 Month Contract
Monthly Bond Charge £49.50 n/a
Total 12 Month Cost £1229 £1560
Total 24 Month Cost £2159 £3120


User's also have the opportunity to park the service for a charge of £5 per month, ideal if only occasional use is needed. Simply reactivate the service and the full charges will resume.


The Appliance comes with full connection instructions, and a Universal 12vDC Power Supply.



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