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YachtSurfer SurfAP - Discontinued Now - Replace with SurfAP mk2

The SurfAP model provides robust 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi to yachts of any size. From a single SurfAP for smaller boats upto 20 or more for MegaYachts, the SurfAP is a small discreet, easy to mount unit that you can fit and forget.

The SurfAP also offers multi SSID and VLAN routing for more complex yacht network designs


SurfAP functionality is ideal for larger yachts requiring multiple networks ie for Owners, Guests and Crew, offering the ability to manage bandwidth and prioritise specific users.

The SurfAP is equipped with a high output power (up to 23 dBm) 802.11n MIMO radio, which allows effective communication with older 802.11b/g equipment as well as newer standards based devices giving you a fast secure connection to your network, whether you are connected to the Internet on WiFi, Cellular, or Satellite. 

Two models are available:

  • Passive POE which operates on 12 or 24vDC, inserting DC Power onto the Network Cable using the supplied POE Injector
  • POE 802.3af which operates on 48v and receives power directly from a compatible POE Switch. This model is suitable for AC power systems only.


Both Models include an integral mounting bracket for ease of installation

£108.99 X

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